New York Knicks

  • Remember the ABA: New York Nets Back to “Remember the ABA” Main Page Did you see a New York Nets game? Or, did you have a favorite ABA Nets player? Contribute to this web page by describing your favorite ABA Nets memories. In 1973, Julius (“Dr. J”) Erving came back to New York — his […]
  • I’m not a basketball fan. To me, if they are evenly matched teams then it’s nothing but back and forth, back and forth and all that matters is the final 2 minutes. I realize I’m simplifing it. Perhaps I don’t understand the nuance of the strategy. But with hockey you need to continuously follow the […]
  • Sais. régulière 24 octobre 2019 SA Spurs 120-111 N.York Knicks Sais. régulière 26 octobre 2019 Broo. Nets 113-109 N.York Knicks Sais. régulière 27 octobre 2019 N.York Knicks 95-118 Bost. Celtics Sais. régulière 29 octobre 2019 N.York Knicks 105-98 Chic. Bulls Sais. régulière 31 octobre 2019 Orla. Magic 95-83 N.York Knicks Sais. régulière 2 novembre 2019 […]
  • Kevin Durant recently sat down with J.J. Redick on the latest episode of The Old Man and the Three podcast where he talked about his last season with Golden State and his move to the Nets. “I didn’t want to be the savior of the Knicks or New York,” Durant said. “I didn’t care about being the king […]
  • It’s been 4 years since I worked at MSG. Back then, beer was $9 or so. I’m sure it’s 10 bucks by now. MSG has just undergone a renovation, so while the building is close to 50 years old, it will be a brand new facility inside with excellent (and expensive) food and drink options. […]