The term “Knickerbockers” referred specifically to pants rolled up just below the knee by Dutch settlers in the New World during the 1600s. Many of these settlers found homes in and around New York City, where a cartoon drawing of Father Knickerbocker became a prominent symbol of the city. In 1845, baseball’s first organized team was nicknamed the Knickerbocker Nine and the name was evoked again in 1946 when New York was granted a franchise in the Basketball Association of America. Team founder Ned Irish reportedly made the decision to call the team the Knickerbockers—supposedly after pulling the name out of a hat.

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Derrick Rose eager for healthy season and first game in nine months

Derrick Rose doesn’t need recovery guidelines. Not anymore. After so many years and so many injuries, the point guard listens to his body and has a reluctant Knicks staff buying into his philosophy of “Trust me, bro.” “And they’re like, ‘Woah, what the hell you mean just trust you? We can’t just throw you out…

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RJ Barrett’s theory for being disrespected

RJ Barrett has noticed the disrespect. He remembers it. He sees it’s continuing. For a player drafted third overall in the NBA’s largest market, Barrett hasn’t quite achieved the recognition of his peers. And now entering his fourth season with the Knicks, the 22-year-old has a theory as to why. “Besides the fans, which we…

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AEW returns to New York for Grand Slam, hoping to keep the drama in the ring

After weeks of messy in-ring interviews and post-match press conferences, AEW is pressing the reset button in Queens. The upstart wrestling promotion returns to Arthur Ashe Stadium Wednesday for its second Grand Slam show, featuring rapper Action Bronson’s debut alongside Hook against Menard and Parker, a rematch for the AEW World Tag Team Championship between…