Fans voted Cavaliers the team nickname in 1970 in a poll conducted by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. The other finalists included Jays, Foresters, Towers, and Presidents. The Presidents nickname was presumably an allusion to the fact that seven former U.S. Presidents were born in Ohio, second only to Virginia. Jerry Tomko, who suggested Cavaliers in the contest, wrote, “Cavaliers represent a group of daring fearless men, whose life pact was never surrender, no matter what the odds.” (Tomko’s son, Brett, went on to become a Major League pitcher.)

Cleveland Cavaliers

2021-22 NBA season: Ranking Eastern Conference teams

It used to be LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, then the 14 other teams. The power balance, however, has shifted significantly with the West no longer being light years ahead and having so much depth that teams with 48 wins can miss the postseason (Phoenix, 2014). The likes of Kevin Durant, James Harden, Clint…