The New Jersey Americans joined the American Basketball Association in 1967 and moved to New York the following season. The team was renamed the New York Nets, which conveniently rhymed with Jets and Mets, two of the Big Apple’s other professional franchises. Before the 1977-78 season, the team returned to New Jersey but kept its nickname. In 1994, the Nets were reportedly considering changing their nickname to the Swamp Dragons to boost its marketing efforts. The franchise relocated to Brooklyn in 2012.

Brooklyn Nets

The Rush: Red Sox slay the Yankees in AL Wildcard showdown

The Red Sox are moving on to face the Rays in the ALDS after beating the Yankees badly in the AL Wildcard game, Nets head coach Steve Nash addresses the problematic situation posed by unvaccinated star guard Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons is being fined big bucks, the Cowboys owe linebacker Jaylon Smith major coin after…

Brooklyn Nets

Why Nike Hasn’t Weighed In on NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving’s Vaccine Hesitancy

Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving has put Nike in an awkward position. Under New York City law, Irving cannot compete in Brooklyn home games, or practice at the team’s facility, without at least one does of a COVID-19 vaccine. I need to read more from this story